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Here are your options for support on IIOP.NET:

  • For community support, check out the support forum on sourceforge
  • Check the FAQ
  • Make a donation to get higher support priority than non-donators
  • For Professional support in english, german and french, please contact us.


You may donate to support the project. All donations will be spent for the project, e.g. for problem resolution, bug fixes or new features. As a donator, you have also priority over non-donators concerning questions, feature requests, ....

Donate via Sourceforge

Forum usage guidelines

Before posting to the forum, please:

  • Search for an existing answer to your question. This will save you and us lots of time.
  • Review the faq and the documentation. There is a good chance the information you need is already available!

About this project

This project is maintained by Elca Informatique SA and was developed in collaboration with the Programming Languages and Runtime Systems Research Group of the ETH-Zurich as part of Dominic Ullmann's diploma thesis.

IIOP.NET Use Cases

Read the IIOP.NET success stories.


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