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Who uses IIOP.NET?

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    We use IIOP.NET in a commercial customer provisioning system that serves a large mobile operator in South Africa. Our server clusters process over 100 transactions per second 24/7 and concurrently service thousands of CRM terminals country-wide. We used IIOP.NET as a drop-in replacement for our existing IIOP software.

  • REALTECH system consulting GmbH

    As one of the leading companies in SAP-Monitoring solutions, we are successfully using CORBA as our underlying middleware. In the system management environment we need such a stable and efficient base technology. To give our front end applications a new face, we decided to use Microsoft Forms and if possible we wanted to use C#. With IIOP.NET both requirements comply. We could realized a stable and a robust solution, both to let the new front end generation work with our existing and well known CORBA based server applications.

About this project

This project is maintained by Elca Informatique SA and was developed in collaboration with the Programming Languages and Runtime Systems Research Group of the ETH-Zurich as part of Dominic Ullmann's diploma thesis.

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