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Project status

Current release

IIOP.NET allows a seamless interoperation between .NET, CORBA and J2EE distributed objects. Components on each platform can act either in client or server role.

IIOP over SSL is supported from version 1.7.1

CORBA version

IIOP.NET is based on CORBA 2.3.1.
Only the parts of the specification related to interoperability are implemented.

GIOP Protocol

IIOP.NET supports the following protocols:
IIOP/GIOP 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 Bidirectional GIOP (1.8 and newer)

The following protocol parts are not supported:

  • Message types other than request, reply, fragment (LocateRequest / LocateReply are partly supported)

Supported types


All but the following types are supported:

  • some kinds of enums, including flags
  • Delegates
  • Events
  • System.IntPtr
  • System.Decimal


All but the following types are supported:

  • Long double
  • Fixed

More information can be found in the IDL <-> CLS specification.

ORB Compatibility

Interoperation with the following ORBs has been reported:

    all wide-char not supported (request 778878 )
    SUN JDK1.4OK
    JacORBJacORB doesn't support Anys with typecode 30 (see FAQ 7.11)

Interoperation with J2EE applications is reported for the following application servers:

    IBM Websphere5.1ok
    IBM Websphere5.0ok
    IBM Websphere4.0ok
    JBoss3.2.2no (JBoss bug #829734)
    JBoss3.0.6in progress
    BEA Weblogic8.1ok
    BEA Weblogic7in progress
    BEA Weblogic6.1array mapping problems
    Borland Enterprise Server5.2.1partially tested

IIOP.NET on Microsoft .NET Framework:

    MS .NET2.0 beta2
    MS .NET2.0 beta1
    MS .NET1.x

IIOP.NET on Mono:

    Mono1.1.9ok with IIOP.NET 1.8.x or newer
    Mono1.1.8ok with IIOP.NET 1.8.x or newer
    Mono1.1.7ok with IIOP.NET 1.8.x or newer

Please help us keeping this table updated!

Next steps

  • Test more ORBs
  • Advancing channel, tools
  • Consolidation (better installation tools, binary release)

About this project

This project is maintained by Elca Informatique SA and was developed in collaboration with the Programming Languages and Runtime Systems Research Group of the ETH-Zurich as part of Dominic Ullmann's diploma thesis.

IIOP.NET Use Cases

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