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Getting started

This Tutorial shows you how to setup your system for the following tutorials.
All Tutorials assumes that you are familiar with CORBA, .NET Remoting and RMI/IIOP.


To do the tutorials you need

  • .NET Framework
  • JDK 1.4

Building IIOP.NET

If you are using the source distribution of IIOP.NET, you need to build the channel, the CLS to IDL generator and the IDL to CLS compiler first.
For this task a Makefile is provided. Simple run nmake in the IIOP.NET root directory.

About this project

This project is maintained by Elca Informatique SA and was developed in collaboration with the Programming Languages and Runtime Systems Research Group of the ETH-Zurich as part of Dominic Ullmann's diploma thesis.

IIOP.NET Use Cases

Read the IIOP.NET success stories.


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