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IIOP.NET allows a seamless interoperation between .NET, CORBA and J2EE distributed objects. This is done by incorporating CORBA/IIOP support into .NET, leveraging the remoting framework.

IIOP.NET is released under the LGPL license.

IIOP.NET was born on May, 2 2003, and grew from a small experimental project to a stable and useful application, mostly thank to the great feedback and dedication of our growing user's community.


  • Tight coupling between distributed objects in .NET, CORBA and J2EE;
    components on each platform can act in either client or server role.
  • Tranparency: existing servers can be used unmodified, without wrapping code or adapters.
  • Extensive coverage of CORBA/.NET type mappings.
  • Native integration in the .NET framework;
    IIOP.NET is directly based on the standard remoting infrastructure.


For using this channel you need the following

  • either Microsoft .NET Framework 1.x / 2.0 (at least beta2) or Mono 1.1.7 or better
  • a CORBA 2.3 ORB peer like OmniORB, Sun JDK Orb, JacORB, IBM Websphere, ....

ORB Compatibility

Interoperation with the following ORBs has been reported:

    all wide-char not supported (request 778878 )
    SUN JDK1.4OK
    JacORBJacORB doesn't support Anys with typecode 30 (see FAQ 7.11)

Interoperation with J2EE applications is reported for the following application servers:

    IBM Websphere5.1ok
    IBM Websphere5.0ok
    IBM Websphere4.0ok
    JBoss3.2.2no (JBoss bug #829734)
    JBoss3.0.6in progress
    BEA Weblogic8.1ok
    BEA Weblogic7in progress
    BEA Weblogic6.1array mapping problems
    Borland Enterprise Server5.2.1partially tested

IIOP.NET on Microsoft .NET Framework:

    MS .NET2.0 beta2
    MS .NET2.0 beta1
    MS .NET1.x

IIOP.NET on Mono:

    Mono1.1.9ok with IIOP.NET 1.8.x or newer
    Mono1.1.8ok with IIOP.NET 1.8.x or newer
    Mono1.1.7ok with IIOP.NET 1.8.x or newer


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About this project

This project is maintained by Elca Informatique SA and was developed in collaboration with the Programming Languages and Runtime Systems Research Group of the ETH-Zurich as part of Dominic Ullmann's diploma thesis.

IIOP.NET Use Cases

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